Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Man on the move

Owen turned himself over from his back onto his tummy on top of the changing table. I grabbed the camera and put in on my bed and this is what happened. He continued after I stopped filming and was very excited about his new trick.

Buddies at the park

Our growing bunch: Kyndal, Abby, Gage, Sara, & Owen. I don't know if we will ever get a picture with everyone looking at the camera.

Jacob's 1st B'day

Our little cousin, Jacob, turned 1 year old! We had a blast at his party. My crafty cousin Shannon made the party hats!

Flower child

Kyndal got her face painted at the zoo. When she told the lady she wanted a flower, we thought she would have simple petals painted on her cheek. This is the masterpiece the lady created. Kyndal said it was "awesome" and even slept very still on her back in order to keep it on her face for the next day. It worked too!

My sister is so funny!

Kyndal can do the most mundane things and Owen thinks she is hilarious.

Big Man

July trip

Jason, Kyndal, Bob (aka "Papa") & Owen during our July visit to Alabama