Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Owen gets tickled

This video is too funny!

Chris and Stacey's wedding

Everyone enjoyed the wedding, especially the proud mother of the bride.

Grandma loved showing off her new grandson to family and friends.

Gran Gran and Kyndal both looked beautiful!

Shannon and I were very proud of Stacey on her wedding day.

Stacey and Chris were so happy!

Kyndal loved being a flower girl. The job included everything she loves: pretty dress, fancy shoes, flowers, and Stacey and Chris (two of her favorite people). Before Kyndal walked down the aisle she looked at Stacey and said, "This is awesome!" I think Stacey thought the same thing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aunt Kay, Shannon, & Jacob's visit

Kyndal and Owen had so much fun playing with their cousin, Jacob. He and Owen already think they are big buddies.

"Jaybird" and "Songbird"

Kyndal's class will be songbirds for their recital. Jason just so happen to coordinate his shirt color on parent observation night.

Owen's sweet smile!

Mommy & Me